Cyber Security

Published by Todd Hopper on Apr 09, 2018

In today’s world of data breaches, the dark net, cyber ransoms, viruses, trojan attacks and the like, it has never been more important to take the security of your information seriously.  That is why ... Continue reading

Run Forrest Run

Published by Todd Hopper on Jan 10, 2018

*Reminder RRSP deadline is March 1st, please email or call me for appointment ASAP*   Run Forrest Run   It was as if the market and the economy picked the slogan from the 1994 blockbuster movie Forrest... Continue reading

Markets Spring Ahead as We Fall Back

Published by Todd Hopper on Sep 20, 2017

As we enter fall, with leaves turning colours and clocks turning back, the overall markets continue to spring ahead, with the exception of the Canadian indices!  We can count on leaves falling and earlier... Continue reading

Pensions Aren't All They're Cracked Up To Be

Published by Todd Hopper on Aug 17, 2017

As a Financial Planner I often hear people say "I have a pension so I don't need to save for my retirement".  What's happening currently with Sears and Northstar are great examples that pensions are not... Continue reading

It Has Never Made More Sense to Rent!

Published by Todd Hopper on Jun 20, 2017

You are in your 60’s, the kids are out of the house and therefore, your current house is probably too big!  You’re almost retired or recently retired and want something low maintenance with no worries... Continue reading

Due Diligence Process

Published by Todd Hopper on May 17, 2017

I thought I would take this opportunity to give you some insights on what I have been up to lately, a little peak into my Due Diligence Process.   During RSP season (Jan-Feb) I get the chance to see a... Continue reading

2017 1st Quarter Economic/Market Update

Published by Todd Hopper on Apr 11, 2017

Dear Client,   Considering the year began with such uncertainty, equity and fixed income markets performed exceptionally well in the first quarter. Investors overestimated the magnitude of market volatility... Continue reading

Trump, Superbowl, and Marijuana

Published by Todd Hopper on Feb 07, 2017

Trump, Superbowl and Marijuana are all interesting and exciting things that have and will continue to dominate the headlines in 2017!  But as your Financial Advisor I want things to be as boring as possible... Continue reading

Keeping it Light, a Personal Update!

Published by Todd Hopper on Nov 11, 2016

I thought given December and the holidays are fast approaching, I might take this opportunity to update you, on me and my family and keep it nice and light, afterall thats what the holidays are all about... Continue reading

Why Vision Wealth?

Published by Todd Hopper on Oct 24, 2016

Clients often ask me how did you come with the name Vision Wealth Consultants?  So I explain to them how important it is to have a clear vision of what you want your life to look like in the future, and... Continue reading