What does the New Year Mean?

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A new year simply means the earth rotated around the sun yet another time, it means a new calender, it means a clean slate, it means a new set of goals, it means a look back to move forward, it reminds us that yet another year has passed and that we are all getting older!  From a financial perspective it’s a measuring point from where we’ve been to where we are going.  It’s a good opportunity to resolve to be better financially in an effort to meet our long-term goals!  That could mean paying off debt this year, putting more into an RSP this year, opening a TFSA this year.  Whatever your goals or new year’s resolutions I wish you the best in achieving them and relish in the thought of helping you reach your financial goals in 2016!


Happy New Year!


Todd T. Hopper, BA, CFP

Certified Financial Planner