Client Success Story, Tony and Pina C.

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Given its the time of year that students and teachers alike are getting ready to go back to school, I thought I would share a client success story of a couple I was introduced to in 2008 at the time their kids were 14 and 10 and they had little savings for either education or retirement, my how things have changed since then!


"We were first introduced to Todd Hopper through a very close personal friend who recommended Todd and spoke highly of him.  Todd drove from Windsor to Sarnia to meet with us in our home. Having very little financial knowledge and after some good discussions with Todd who was a wealth of financial knowledge, Tony and I became quite comfortable with the idea of transferring what little RRSPs we had at the time over to Todd.  Todd introduced us to the RESP for our children’s education as well as had us thinking about putting more into our RRSPs.  Today we have considerable RESP savings as well as RRSP,  Todd has has guided us financially in the right direction using sound financial strategies.  Our daughter has now graduated after 5 years of University using our RESP and our son will commence University with enough RESP to get him through the next 4 years. We can also embrace the future and know that our retirement looks good and that we will be able to enjoy our retirement when the time comes.  We can honestly say we are very impressed and happy with what Todd has done for us and will continue to do for us in the future.   Thanks Todd and Vision Wealth for all you have done and continue to do!"

Tony and Pina C. Sarnia, ONT


Its been a pleasure dealing with Tony and Pina, they were eager to get on the right path and now they have two children that will graduate from university as well as looking good for retirement, this is what makes my job so fullfilling!


Todd T. Hopper, BA, CFP

Certified Financial Planner