The Value of My Process! A Client Success Story, Ray S.!

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I have known Ray for many years as a friend, and then he approached me about looking at his financial situation, so I took him through my process and he has now been a client for over two years.  So I asked him to write about what he thought about the process for my blog and here were his comments.


In my teens and early 20’s, I became interested in money management and investing in general.  So I decided I would take a self-guided approach to my financial planning with the various instruments available at the time.  Off I went…


Through the years, I was fortunate enough to advance my career, find the woman of my dreams, and start a family.  In other words, things got pretty busy!  Consequently, as my family grew, making financial planning even more critical, I gave it less time and attention.  Finally, one day, I took a good look at my overall strategy and couldn’t help but wonder if I was getting maximum value from my investments…  I couldn’t help but wonder if I was protecting my families future adequately…  I couldn’t help but wonder if my retirement plans were realistic…


Three years prior to that day, I had met Todd Hopper and over the years we had become good friends.  I knew Todd was a guy I could trust and I knew he was a professional financial planner, but we had never really “talked shop” much before.  Perfect!  I decided to ask Todd to take a look at the current state of my financial plan.  I’m glad I did.


We redeveloped my financial plan through a process lead by Todd.  It was made easy for me and it didn’t take long.  An over complicated portfolio was simplified for more targeted returns based on my risk tolerance.  Old products were replaced with newer products that suited my family’s needs better.  My children’s education fund was created and optimized -- HUGE.  There were a few older investments that I wanted leave in place – Todd was sensitive to this and able to accommodate and optimize these positions as well.


Since moving my financial planning over to Todd, results the last few years have been fantastic, yielding great returns and peace of mind.  Trusting Todd’s professional approach has gone a long way for me and my family. "

Thanks Todd

Ray S.


So I am not trying to toot my own horn as much as I am trying to portray the value of a good process!  That's what I believe is a crucial aspect of a Professional Financial Planner, PROCESS!!!


As a courtesy to my clients friends/family I offer a, no obligation, second opinion service just to make sure that they have a good process!  To take advantage of this service just call me or email me to discuss.



Todd T. Hopper, BA, CFP

Account Representative, Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.
Life Insurance Advisor, Vision Wealth Consultants Inc.