Trump, Superbowl, and Marijuana

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Trump, Superbowl and Marijuana are all interesting and exciting things that have and will continue to dominate the headlines in 2017!  But as your Financial Advisor I want things to be as boring as possible, I want your investments to be less volatile and simply earn a respectable rate of return that allows you to achieve your goals.  I have also adapted this thinking to my process as your Financial Planner, as I think my greatest attribute might be how I simplify things and break it down into a manageable process that quite frankly is boring, but that's the way it should be! I choose investment managers that have a similar philosophy, one of my most used fund managers is Mawer and their tag line is;


"Be Boring, Make Money", which they explain; "means ignoring fads and taking a long-term view of investing. It means consistently sticking to a systematic, disciplined, bottom up investment approach no matter what the market outlook. And it means putting the investment odds in our clients' favour by focusing on the things we can control."


This approach has made them one the most successful money managers in the investment world and they deliver with excellent long-term performance.  However, it also means sometime they will be out of favour for short periods of time when things are a bit irrational they might not look the best, but if their performance is proven with a great process that's when you must stick with them!  Jim Hall, their Chief Investment Officer has a famous quote;

“Flying in an airplane should be boring. Heart surgery should be boring. Investing should be boring.”

I couldn't agree more and I don't apologize if sometimes my process and what we do seems boring as well, because it's a proven, predictable process that is a means to an end, that end is inevitably your financial goals!

Trump, Superbowl and Marijuana are all exciting topics that you will most likely be inundated with in 2017 so much so you may actually get bored of them!


Todd T. Hopper BA, CFP
Certified Financial Planner
Account Representative, Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.
Life Insurance Advisor, Vision Wealth Consultants Inc.