Markets Spring Ahead as We Fall Back

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As we enter fall, with leaves turning colours and clocks turning back, the overall markets continue to spring ahead, with the exception of the Canadian indices!  We can count on leaves falling and earlier darkness but can we count on markets that continue to climb?  The economic data continues to be positive, so from a macro economic perspective and longterm time frame, I would say yes we can count on the markets to continue to move in the right direction.  However, in the short term don't be surprised if we don't see some of kind of correction or pullback as we are long overdue!


Despite rising global markets we haven't seen in translate into stellar returns in 2017 as we have headwinds like rising interest rates, putting downward pressure on bonds, a flat Canadian Market, along with strong Canadian Dollar vs. the U.S. Dollar which evaporates some of the returns made on our global funds.


So for now, as far as portfolio's are concerned, we wait and see how things pan out in the final quarter of 2017 and hopefully that will gives us some signs of what's to come!  If it doesn't we know that we have a healthy economic landscape and those headwinds I spoke of will probably weaken and translate into better returns moving forward!


Todd T. Hopper BA, CFP

Certified Financial Planner

Account Representative, Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.

Life Insurance Advisor, Vision Wealth Consultants Inc.