The Value of My Process! A Client Success Story, Ray S.!

Published by Todd Hopper on Aug 31, 2016

I have known Ray for many years as a friend, and then he approached me about looking at his financial situation, so I took him through my process and he has now been a client for over two years.  So I... Continue reading

Client Success Story, Tony and Pina C.

Published by Todd Hopper on Jul 19, 2016

Given its the time of year that students and teachers alike are getting ready to go back to school, I thought I would share a client success story of a couple I was introduced to in 2008 at the time their... Continue reading

Budget 2016 and What it Means To YOU!

Published by Todd Hopper on Mar 28, 2016

Our newly elected Prime Minister spent heavily in this budget, leading to a projected $29 billion shortfall this year. Its definitely a good news-bad news budget, the bad news they are spending alot of... Continue reading

Spring Cleaning, Financial Speaking!

Published by Todd Hopper on Mar 07, 2016

We got off easy this winter but that doesn't take away the great feeling of springs arrival!  With spring comes better weather, more daylight, spring cleaning of course, taxes and hopefully some travel. ... Continue reading

6 More Weeks of Winter!?

Published by Todd Hopper on Feb 02, 2016

Wiarton Willie saw his shadow which means there is to be 6 more weeks of winter!  Maybe Willie has been napping and has missed the fact that winter hasn't started?  Or perhaps it means winter is going... Continue reading

What does the New Year Mean?

Published by Todd Hopper on Jan 07, 2016

A new year simply means the earth rotated around the sun yet another time, it means a new calender, it means a clean slate, it means a new set of goals, it means a look back to move forward, it reminds... Continue reading

Happy Holidays

Published by Todd Hopper on Nov 12, 2015

We just want to take this time to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays!  But what does it really take to be happy these holidays and the rest of the year for that matter?  Shawn Achor, Psychologist... Continue reading

Blog Post 1

Published by Todd Hopper on Oct 15, 2015

Back in May I emailed you about our new website, hopefully you've had a chance to check it out!  I also mentioned with our new site that we would now have the capability to do newsletters and blogs, so... Continue reading